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Just as happens with the human organism, due to a chronic or temporary illness, a company can experience periods of economic weakness due to various causes. Advertising and marketing are what medicines are to the human body; are they natural products or less. Medicinal herbs and herbal juices, biological food supplements, toners, vitamins, minerals and tonics are drugs that strengthen the body and that people take to prevent and heal these moments. Advertising also consists of many means; the choice is always indicated by a medical / professional prescription - in the business market by the marketing advisor.

"Prevention is better than cure" - just like in corporate management.

Every business has its own economic metabolism. The expert must be able to recognize and assess it and prescribe the "remedy" most suitable for the symptoms and well-being. Rausch Italia - RPR Italy, has been active in this field for over 40 years and for two generations and supports Italian companies and institutional authorities that work with Germany and the German-speaking countries - especially with tourism - in finding the best solution to business difficulties foresee, heal and prevent.

In marketing, too, there are means on a natural basis without harmful side effects - without any outflow of money. These are, for example, counter-deals, publisher initiatives in exchange for services - also known as "auctions". They do not cost businesses anything and create mutual funds, credits that can be used in printed and digital promotional products. Analogously, we could speak of natural herbal medicines that use natural resources - already present on the market - without artificially generating costs that are taken from the company's liquidity.

Like-minded with the chemically synthetic drugs are the paid classic advertisements and promotional items, which are just as useful to support and strengthen the company's balance sheet. If you buy a product directly in the pharmacy, comparatively buy it directly from the publisher and media company, it can also be taken supportively and inexpensively during the entire business life. Just like with many cosmetic and beauty products that are part of everyday life today and accompany and improve the entire life cycle of people.