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RAUSCH | Media & Web marketing

Closing the circle of perfect communication: Rausch Italy offers complete marketing solutions from media advertising to branding and brand identity on the web! 50 years of professional presence in the German marketing consultancy of Mr. Erich Rausch (1925 senior) and since the mid-80s continued by his son Riccardo Rausch (1960 junior). Valuable and unique "Rausch" reference in the Italian Internet world for over 20 years. We are the only Italian tourism marketing company that is directly connected to German publishers and is supported by a team of experienced web designers and web programmers.
RAUSCH | Media & Web marketing
Surveillance, optimization and maintenance of company web profiles on search engines, meta engines, marketplace sites, accommodation bookings and web directory portals at a single and all-inclusive cost. The professional activity is carried out with the utmost confidentiality, in cloud computing or even on-site, and includes marketing consultancy applied to the entire profile optimization cycle; choice of images with photo editing and graphics, re-elaboration of texts in different languages, verification and adaptation of company contents.
RAUSCH | Media & Web marketing
Thanks to our long experience, we offer our customers amazing, functional and intuitive websites that generate real results. We take a direct approach to web design: we work closely with you to understand your market and the needs of your customers, producing the best online solution. We make suggestions on the most suitable technologies to use for your website and work hard to offer a perfect and unique website. We guarantee highly responsive websites that work on any desktop computer, tablet and smartphone, according to the latest rwd (responsive web design) guidelines.
RAUSCH | Media & Web marketing
Our support and monitoring services keep your website always operational and safe. We use proactive automatic monitoring tools to constantly monitor the performance and compatibility of your website. We ensure that all software is always updated to the latest versions to minimize vulnerability to hacker attacks. We make regular backups of your website to ensure that nothing is lost even if the worst happens. Our servers are protected with Imunify360, the most advanced six-level server security system! You can trust us, sure that your website will always be up and running 24x7x365!
RAUSCH | Media & Web marketing
Fast and periodic off-site back-ups, 99% uptime and remote access: these are just some of the advantages of the Cloud Hosting we offer. We guarantee the complete service for your peace of mind on the security of your website data, protected and periodically backed up externally. Whatever the size of your website and its data, content and images, we will choose together with you the most suitable and economical solution for your finances. We can also assist you in the case of pre-existing hosting services.
RAUSCH | Media & Web marketing
Get noticed and hit the web thanks to our analysis and optimization services! We work with you to increase traffic to your website and thus reach more visitors and potential customers. We support you in traffic analysis thanks to our experience helping you to identify who visits your site, what they are looking at and, more importantly, what they are not looking at! With this information we can help you increase advertising revenue and maximize search engine rankings. Through careful management of keywords (with particular expertise in foreign markets), study of marketing campaigns, pay-per-click advertising, partnership strategies and design of dedicated web pages, we can give you valid support for your investments in communication and marketing.
RAUSCH | Media & Web marketing
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